Frequently Asked Questions

What does “The Lost Lamb” refer to?


Claire grew up on a former sheep farm in Columbia County, New York, named Lost Lamb Farm.  


What safety precautions do you take against COVID19?


We take the safety of our customers and staff very seriously.  Our staff wears masks at all times and we rigorously clean all surfaces in the kitchen and cafe with a 70% alcohol sanitizer.  We have fans blowing air out, and we have arranged the cafe to promote social distancing. Our staff complies with Health Department guidelines for COVID-19 re-opening. 


Does The Lost Lamb do catering?


Yes!  We prepare catering orders for pick-up from the store.  You can plan from our menu of favorites, or work with Claire in advance on special requests.  


Do you have a takeout menu?


We bake depending on the season, available fresh ingredients and spontaneous inspiration, so we have a different menu every day. We have takeout, but we do not deliver.  

Can I hang my poster or leave my business card?


We do not have room for posters, but you can try the Stockbridge Public Library across the street, the Post Office, Main Street Cafe or Stockbridge Coffee and Tea.


Do You Have a Public Bathroom?


We do not have a public bathroom, but there are bathrooms in The Stockbridge Public Library across the street or the Town Offices at 50 Main Street.



31 Main Street

Stockbridge, MA



Wednesday - Sunday

10 - 2pm